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Expand beyond Policies and Procedures into the Regulated environment.

Easily add new documents and versions

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Drag and Drop

Add new documents easily with simple drag and drop.  Add one or all of your documents in one step.  Imported documents are automatically organized for further updates, review or approvals as needed.

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AI Engine

When a document is added to DocTract, it is automatically scanned and all key information is automatically generated by the built-in AI Engine.  It can even determine if you have added a new document or just a new version.  Some of the key data points generated include:

  • Related Documents
  • Authors
  • Document Numbers
  • Security Access
  • Reviewers
  • Revision Numbers
  • Regulations
  • Effective Dates

Revision and Version Control

Track unlimited versions and revisions for Policies, Procedures and other documents.  Track every detail about a Policy, Procedure or other document between versions and access historical versions easily.  Even track changes and feedback from one version to the next, providing a path for the evolution of a document.


Manage Feedback

Managing revisions of structured documents can be a very difficult process with standard document storage solutions.  DocTract has an entire suite a capabilities to manage the feedback and editing process.

Policy Management Software - Document collaboration

Capture Feedback from Reviews and Approvers

Easily add and track feedback to any document.  Simple highlight the area and add your comment or question.  Each feedback item is individually track, allowing you to clearly see what has been addressed and what is outstanding.  No more hunting through documents to see what has changed or if your changes were incorporated.

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Manage Feedback in Realtime

Avoid the nightmare.  You need to get feedback on a document from four different people.  Everyone has a list of comments, modifications and questions that need a response.   Keeping track of everything can become very overwhelming very quickly.  Manage the process with a no problems through the dedicated interface for just this purpose.  Never lose track of what needs to be done and who requested it again.

Policy Management Software - Document collaboration

Respond with Confidence

Authors can provide individual responses that are automatically routed back to reviewers.  Reviewers and approvers can easily see everything requested during their review and how it has been addressed.  Even if you can’t remember requesting the change, the detailed log will show exactly what section of the document was being referenced, what was asked and the response.  Reviewers and approvers can be confident that their comments are never lost in the process.


Review and Approval Workflow

DocTract provides unlimited review and approval levels.  When combined with the fully configurable organization matrix, your key documents can passed through any approval path in the organization.  You can even specify the approval flow at the document level if needed.  Keep it simple or get sophisticated,   DocTract can handle all of your scenarios.

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Automatic Security Access

No more managing folders and folder permission difficulties found in most Policy Management Systems.  The advanced security capabilities of DocTract matches employee profiles with document configurations.  Approved Policies, Procedures, SOPs and other documents are automatically distributed to the right people with automatic notifications alerting individuals of something new.



Employees can access approved documents anytime, anywhere.  Enforce acknowledgements for employees that they have read and understand any Policy, Procedure, SOP or other document.  Acknowledgements can be activated at the document level and are stored with a full audit trail.  Employees can easily see what documents are outstanding and authors can view what acknowledgements are still outstanding.


Submit Feedback and Questions

Connect authors with their audience with the published document feedback capabilities.  Employees can ask questions to get clarification or submit comments on published documents.  Questions and comments automatically get attached to the Document version and can notify the author or process owner instantly.  Authors and process owners can respond to feedback and questions directly, that are automatically sent back to the employee.

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