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Policy Management Software - Management Dashboard

Stop Emailing and Start Collaborating

Don’t just organize your Policies, Procedures, Contracts and SOPs, empower them through a dedicated Cloud Platform designed from the ground up to grow as you grow and provide features only available in the Cloud.

Global Search

Search everything from one place based on your access.  All documents.  All related information.  All activities.  All at once.

100% Cloud

Get immediate access to your own instance without delays, without IT and without concern over security, backups and compliance.


Collaborate on any document with advanced highlighting and comment features all supported by a dedicated Collaboration workflow.

Reviews /Approvals

Automatic routing, notification and tracking  of documents for review and approval for each revision.

Manage Feedback

Dedicated interface, process and tools to manage feedback from reviewers and employees.


Easily track who has read and signed off on individual Policies and SOPs with a complete audit trail and electronic signatures.

Electronic   Signatures

Built in electronic signatures for Regulatory Compliance with the ability to turn it on or off when required.

Version Control

Track, access and compare historical versions of your policies and procedures or contracts quickly.

Policy Management Procedure Management

Policy and Procedure Management is much more than just storage.

Policy Management and Procedure Management should be focused on the process around the documents, not just storing everything and suffering through an unwieldy review process.  The DocTract brings a dedicated purpose-built Cloud solution that allows you to focus on your content and the not the process.

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SOP Management and Compliance

Automate compliance with fully tracked and organized SOPs.

The DocTract Policy and Procedure Management solution provides many standard features for Policies and Procedures, plus provides extra capabilities for organizations in need of compliance solutions.  Audit trails, electronic signatures, secure storage and a highly efficient review process provide the foundation for your compliance environment.

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Tired of endless implementations?

Try the DocTract way.  All the power.  None of the headaches.

Customer Contract Management

Manage revisions, reviews and expiration periods all from the same dedicated interface.

Managing the process for Customer Contracts can have a number of moving pieces.  Going from revisions to review to reference to renewal, can become overwhelming without an effective solution to manage not only the documents, but the process.  Leveraging the dedicated capabilities of the DocTract Contract Management solution overcomes these challenges.

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Legal Agreements and NDAs

Manage multiple revisions of legal agreements and ensure agreements do not expire without warning.

In evolving and changing environments, it is very easy to lose track of critical agreements when different employees are using different methods to store the agreements.  Implementing a shared environment in the Cloud ensures your critical documents will not get lost.

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Employee Agreements

Stay in compliance and minimize risk through effective third party agreements.

Beyond Customer Contracts and Service Agreements, other Third Party Contracts can create a significant amount of risk for an organization when managed ineffectively.  Due to the effectiveness of the DocTract solution and ease of implementation, the benefits can greatly exceed both the short-term and long-term costs.

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  • Built to assist authors with revisions and deployment
  • Manage feedback and change logs
  • Automatic review notifications
  • Single click deployment of new documents
Policy Management Software - Management Dashboard
Policy Management Software - Document collaboration
  • Reviews and Approvals done the right way
  • Automatic notifications
  • Inline feedback and questions
  • View documents and collaborate with others
  • Training and compliance
  • Dedicated tools to help employees
  • Global search across your documents
  • Automatic notifications for new documents
  • Built in acknowledgements, speeding up compliance
Policy Management Software - Training Course Maintenance