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Policy Management Process

Stop going around and around on Policy, Procedure and Contract changes.  DocTract provides document authors a unique collaboration mechanism that organizes, tracks and manages the feedback from all stakeholders.  Whether it is a peer review, management approval or external negotiations, DocTract provides the tools for each editing experience.  See below for more details.

Authors and Teams

Reviewers and Approvers

External Collaborators


Stop using manual processes, email or disconnected workflows to get the feedback you need on new documents or document revisions.  DocTract has dedicated collaboration capabilities that capture individual comments, questions and discussions to keep track of all of the feedback so you always know what is addressed and what is outstanding still.

Organize Feedback and Questions

DocTract allows authors to distribute any Policy, Procedure or Contract to anybody, anywhere and gather specific feedback or questions in an actionable list.  Reviewers can simply highlight related areas of the document and provide a comment or question.  Each comment or question is tracked separately allowing you to confirm that you have addressed each item, regardless of the number of versions created.  Say goodbye to messy track changes and get organized with DocTract.


One version of the truth

One of the challenges of using traditional track changes in a document is losing track of versions or input.  Using the recommended single author process from DocTract keeps the document revision process under control.  All edits are centrally completed based on the input and questions received during the review process.  Reviewers can see the response to each edit in real-time and track if their specific input has been addressed across multiple versions.


Revision History and Change Logs

DocTract tracks the comments, questions, responses, actions and versions of every document revision process as part of the natural revision process.  This gives current and future authors insight into the evolution of a document and why specific modifications were completed.

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Reviewers and Approvers

DocTract focuses on streamlining the document review and approval processes which are typically difficult and antiquated.  Highlight, comment and be done.  DocTract manages your comments across different versions so you always know what modifications are being accepted and which ones are being left out.


Highlight and Comment

DocTract provides simple to use highlighting capabilities that work with any supported format.  Text, images, charts, shapes can be easily selected and comments are quickly added each time.  Comments are tied to individual selections and tracked as open or closed.  Never again get lost in the weeds of multiple comments from multiple people across multiple versions.


Start a Discussion

A discussion thread can be started anytime for any comment.  Authors and active reviewers/approvers can see each discussion thread and add their own comments anytime during the collaboration process.  By keeping the discussion thread with the exact context within a document, less time is spent trying to reach people or match emails to topics.  Regardless of the number of people in the discussion or the number of comments, DocTract will insure you get the whole picture all of the time.


Track your Comments

Each initial comment by an author, reviewer or approver is tracked individually and has a status assigned to it.  During the collaboration process, a reviewer or approver can quickly see if there changes have been incorporated into the current version, are still pending or even rejected.  Questions can also be asked in the middle of the Collaboration process that will notify the document author that clarification is needed.


Revision and Review Workflow

A key challenge with multiple authors is making sure everyone is reviewing and editing the correct version.  DocTract provides both full version control and workflow capabilities that prevents conflicting edits from being completed.  Authors are automatically notified when a new version is available for edit.


External Authors (Coming Soon)

In addition to all of the built-in capabilities for reviewers and approvers, DocTract also provides quick and easy access to external third-parties that can also participate in the review process.

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Lock Down Document Versions

The external user document feedback process from DocTract allows outside parties to comment on documents, submit questions and recommend changes, all in a version controlled environment.  No longer worry if the document that you received back from an outside party has any unknown changes made to it.

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Instant Access

Provide access to external authors instantly.  Security can be controlled at the document level to determine if an outside customer, vendor or other third party can continue to access a Contract after it has been finalized.