Need a Policy Management System? How to find out if you do.Organizations of all types and sizes are researching and implementing Policy Management Systems globally.  Traditionally associated with regulated or high compliance sectors, Policy Management is now considered a necessary tool for most organizations to achieve operational effectiveness.  How do you know if it is time for your organization to make the investment in a formal solution?  We explore the deciding factors in this article.
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Procedures, SOPs and Process Workflow
How to use SOPs and Procedures Why should I care about Procedures at all? Ever been in a company that tried to fail?  Or tried to complete useless activities or even break the law as part of daily operations?  As ridiculous as this sounds or perhaps something you have joked about in the past, these things inadvertently happen all the time.  Either through lack of training, lack of understanding or lack of visibility.    Left undefined,
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What is an SOP Deviation
What is an SOP Deviation? Before we get into how and when to use an SOP Deviation, let’s revisit what we mean by SOP Deviation.  Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) are, of course, a set of defined steps in a procedure.  The purpose of the SOP is to outline how a process is completed and who is completing it.  Since an SOP qualifies as an audited process, it is extremely important to follow the SOP exactly
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What is the difference between Policies and Procedures and SOPs
What is the difference between Policies and Procedures and SOPs?   Most organizations have some form of documentation that is referred to as policies, procedures, SOPs or all three.  As each of these documents have significant impact on any organization, understanding how they are related to each other is critical for optimal operations within your organization.  Not only does each type of document have a different purpose,  but knowing the differences between policies vs procedures
Document Editing, Policies and Procedures