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Course Creation


Tracking Compliance

Course Creation

Create unlimited courses with unlimited documents for all of your employees.  Effortlessly keep course content up to date with automatic publishing of new documents to existing courses.

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Custom Course Creation

DocTract allows course authors to create unlimited courses with any published document and employee combination to ensure the right materials are always getting to the right people.  Documents can be added to multiple courses without creating duplicate sign-off requirements.

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Automatic Document Updates

Eliminate the disconnect between course content and document revisions.  DocTract directly manages newly revised documents and will update any course which includes the previous revision.  Document compliance is automatically reset and notifications are sent for all employees assigned to the previous version without manually updating the course.  Never again worry that your course material is out of date.

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Employee Assignment

DocTract allows the assignment of employees to unlimited courses and tracks employee compliance at the document level.  Course assignment provides employees access to the associated courses and documents automatically.

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Employee Attestation

DocTract provides a full compliance based attestation capability for distributing courses and documents to the right people, tracks their compliance when completing a document review and requires acknowledgement of their sign-off with their own personal electronic signature.


Easy Course Access

Employees can quickly access their course documents from any device. including workstations, tablets and even mobile devices.  Open course material is directly presented through their personalized dashboard, eliminating searching through long lists to find what is outstanding.  Employees can even access and download all of their training history from a single location.  DocTract allows employees to easily find what they need, when they need it.


Alerts and Notifications

Employees automatically receive alerts and email notifications whenever key events occur.  New courses, new document revisions or possibly when an attestation is overdue can all trigger notifications for individual employees.  Integrated alerts and notifications ensure employees know what they need to do and when they need to it.


Electronic Signatures

Capture compliance with confidence with the dedicated electronic signatures capabilities from DocTract.  Capture and track employee acknowledgement for each document in a course with the employee specific credentials that are required to be entered at the time of attestation.  Electronic signature stores the date, time and user for each sign-off that can be referenced by employees, management and auditors.


Tracking Compliance

DocTract provides insight into activities through dashboards, lists and integrated charts allowing everyone to understand the current state of compliance.


Audit and History Tracking

Track every signature for every attestation on every document for all courses.  Employees can directly view their own training history or Management can have access to view the training history for all the members of their team.  Training history can be viewed through dashboard charts, integrated charts or even exported to a list that can be viewed and organized outside DocTract if needed.


Measure Compliance

DocTract tracks the duration of every attestation for every document, from the point the document is made available to an individual to the time the attestation is completed.  This information is not only available at the document level, but average duration is also calculated allowing organizations to evaluate individual performance vs the organization as a whole.  The DocTract dashboard also provides a prevalent chart so each employee can continuously see how they rank vs the rest of the organization.