Training and Attestation

DocTract includes all Employee access, Attestation and LMS capabilities in a single license.  No Additional modules needed!


Testing and Quizzes

LMS Training Courses

Policy Management Software - Training Course Maintenance

Employee Attestation

DocTract provides a full compliance based attestation capability for distributing documents to the right people, tracks their compliance when completing a document review and requires acknowledgement of their sign-off with their own personal electronic signature.

Instant and Daily Notifications

Employees automatically receive email notifications each time a new document is Published.  Each email contains a direct link to the document that needs to be reviewed and signed.  Employees overdue?  No problem! Daily overdue email reminders provide a constant notice for employees to review critical documents.


Electronic Signatures

Capture compliance with confidence with the dedicated electronic signatures capabilities from DocTract.  Capture and track employee acknowledgement for each document in a course with the employee specific credentials that are required to be entered at the time of attestation.  Electronic signature stores the date, time and user for each sign-off that can be referenced by employees, management and auditors.


Mobile Access

Accessibility is a critical component for employee attestations.  The DocTract advanced cloud solution works seamlessly for attestation on all types of devices.  It doesn’t matter if it is your workstation or mobile device, employees can quickly work through their task list and move on with their day.  No mobile app needed!


Testing and Quizzes

Expand your compliance program beyond Attestation to include customer Tests and Quizzes.

Unlimited Questions

Create tests with unlimited questions with multiple options.  Multiple answer, multiple choice, true/false, fill in the blank questions can be added.  Change the test every time by using random question selection from your question list, keeping the test fresh and different every time.


Re-Take Approvals

Set the number of times an employee can re-take a test without passing.  Once the re-take options have been exhausted, the test will be automatically routed to a Test Coordinator to review and approve potential future re-takes.


Documents or Training Courses

Create and assign tests to individual documents or as part of a larger Training Course.  DocTract provides options to keep testing simple for one off situations or expand into larger Training Programs.  By utilizing the DocTract security features, different teams can work in their own silos or share across teams seamlessly.


LMS Training Courses

Need additional LMS capabilities?  Incorporate the included Training Course options.

No Integrations Needed

The DocTract LMS Training Course capabilities are not a separate module or product, it is part of the core DocTract solution.  Visibility is available across training courses, tests and documents while at the same time through multiple dashboards, charts and metrics.


Flexible Course Content

Build courses with any combination of documents, videos and tests.  Design your curriculum through the easy to use interface, re-arranging steps on the fly and making adjustments in draft mode before Publishing out to the organization.


Automated Enrollment

DocTract provides advanced configurable security options.  Organizations can automatically assigned Courses to employees through a custom combination of departments, locations, job titles, subsidiaries, team, product lines or any other organizational structure.  New employees instantly have courses assigned as soon as they are activated.


Automatic Course Updates

Since the LMS Training Courses are not a separate system, Course updates are completed automatically.  Each time a new document revisions is Published, video is released or a test is update, any course that references the document, video or test will be automatically revised and completely eliminating the risk of Training Course content being out of date.