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Contract Management Software for Sales

DocTract is designed to optimize the contract process for Sales and Business Development organizations by minimizing the paperwork overhead and freeing up more time to work with customers.  Dedicated capabilities ranging from Contract Templates to tracking individual versions can expedite the final crucial steps of closing a deal.

One of the more important capabilities to try for yourself is the external contract collaboration capabilities.  Traditional tracking of changes can be difficult to track and manage.  DocTract provides a dedicated feedback and question process to ensure you don’t miss a critical update and address the concerns of both your customer and internal approvals.

All types of process can be improved through DocTract, including:

  • Customer Contracts
  • Service Agreements
  • Supplier Contracts
  • Contractor Contracts
  • Contract Renewals
  • Customer Collaboration
  • Internal Negotiations
  • CRM Integration

Seven Ways DocTract Improves Sales

100% Cloud

DocTract is a 100% Cloud solution and delivers all of the benefits expected of a best in class Cloud solution.  Get access to your own account or a Free Trial in order to access DocTract from anywhere regardless of your location.  Process your Contracts in confidence through our secure encrypted process with internal peers or even external customers.

Global Search

Find a customer contract fast!  One search can look through every document, every version and every piece of information associated with a document from a single location.  Quickly find exactly what you are looking for with the DocTract dedicated search engine.

External Collaboration

Invite external parties to collaborate on contract negotiations and revisions (coming soon).  Feedback is easily provided and organized to insure you don’t miss a critical comment from your customer.  Use the advanced feedback tool set or manage traditional red-line edits to keep track of all points of discussion.

Manage Revisions

Get rid of red-line edit nightmares.  How many times have you had a document that had to be reviewed with comments and tracking changes becomes quickly confusing and out-of-control.  The DocTract unique approach to revisions and feedback manages the process and keeps edits under control.    Try the Free Trial to see for yourself!

Approval Workflows

Move contracts through the approval process quickly with the dedicated DocTract approval workflow engine.  Quickly view and manage the status of documents in the approval cycle to make sure you finalize your approvals before it is too late.

Version Control

Whether you are starting a new Contract or appending to an existing Contract, DocTract tracks and maintains the history of each document version.  Your Contracts will create a new version each time a document is uploaded and allows the tracking of critical information, including key audit information or feedback provided.  Access the entire history of a document in one place.

System Integration

DocTract can provide integration into additional systems that can be part of the Contract Management process.  Since many sales opportunities will originate in a CRM solution before Contracts are needed, DocTract can provide integration into various CRM solutions.  Contact us to see if yours has an integration currently in place.  DocTract can also integrate with external eSignature solutions to capture an external signature and store the final signed document.

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