Policy Management and Contract Management for Operations

Operations responsibilities can be very large depending on the organization.  Regardless of the size or role of the Operations Team, Policies, Procedures and Contracts are integral in day to day activities.  DocTract can provide the foundation for Operation Teams to distribute the right documents to the right people with full visibility and auditing.  The built in compliance capabilities ensure your whole organization is getting the information needed to perform their jobs effectively.

The Contract Management capabilities within DocTract can also give Operations Teams the controls needed to enforce required approvals and document the evolution of contracts through the built-in version control capabilities.

All types of process can be improved through DocTract, including:

  • Project Execution
  • Product Launches
  • Project Team hand-offs
  • Data Entry activities
  • Customer Contracts
  • Service Agreements
  • Supplier Contracts
  • Contractor Contracts

Seven Ways DocTract Improves Operations

Rapid Deployment

DocTract has been built from the ground up with a focus on simplicity and ease of use, but don’t take our word for it.  Try DocTract for free.  Have your own environment to try and work with DocTract.  The simple set-up process will help collect the base information needed to configure your environment to meet the needs of your organization.  No commitments, no credit cards, no hassles to get started today.

Automatic Document Organization and Security

End the needless folder maintenance and document location games of traditional document storage systems.  DocTract is designed to not only handle your organizational structure needs, but directly integrates your organization model into the document security.  Simply select the Business Unit, Division, Department, Team, Location or Legal entity combination that applies to the current document and DocTract will take care of the rest.

Employee Compliance

DocTract greatly simplifies this task of tracking Employee Training and Compliance by automatically deploying new Polices and Procedures to the right employees and allowing them to acknowledge that they have read and understand the content.  Use the DocTract dashboard to track employee compliance for a single new document or across all documents.

Workflow Approvals

Avoid passing paper around or endless emails.  The built-in workflow approval engine not only handles the routing and approval for you, but can also be the constant (annoying if needed) reminder to review and approve documents in the queue.  Stop focusing on chasing down approvals and let DocTract do it for you!

Document Comparisons

Easily compare contracts across different revisions or versions with dedicated comments each time.  Quickly review Contracts to see if there are any differences from the standard Contract Template.  The DocTract comparison capabilities are designed to quickly see what is different and provide the insight to move through the review and approval process quickly.

Contract Templates

Make sure everyone is using the right contract and right version by deploying standard contracts for all types of agreements, including professional service agreements, master service agreements or change orders.  Quickly compare a completed contract to the template to be confident that critical financial terms have not been changed.

Manage Revisions

Get rid of red-line edit nightmares.  How many times have you had a document that had to be reviewed with comments and tracking changes becomes quickly confusing and out-of-control.  The DocTract unique approach to revisions and feedback manages the process and keeps edits under control.    Try the Free Trial to see for yourself!

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