Internal Audit

Policy Management and Contract Management for Internal Audit

One of key foundation pieces of a strong Governance, Risk and Compliance framework are well organized Policies and Procedures.  DocTract provides dedicated capabilities allowing Internal Audit to quickly and easily find documents, be notified of policy or process changes or verify employees have read a particular SOP.

By combining Policies, SOPs and Contracts into a single solution, Internal Audit teams can quickly find any Policy, SOP or Contract, including who approved it.

Whether it is a Policy, Procedure or Contract, DocTract provides the security and audit trail needed to empower Internal Audit teams with the key information needed.

All types of process can be improved through DocTract, including:

  • Approval Audit trails
  • Compliance Testing
  • Auditor Reporting
  • Employee Attestation
  • Customer Contracts
  • Service Agreements
  • Supplier Contracts
  • Contractor Contracts

Seven Ways DocTract Improves Internal Audit

Audit Reports

Quickly and easily output critical audit reports for a variety of activities within DocTract including record audit trails, employee compliance and document approvals.  The dedicated capabilities of the DocTract Policy and Procedure solution provides access to the key information needed to develop test plans, identify changes in SOPs and Policies and review employee compliance.

Employee Compliance

Before a Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) can even be tested, it needs to be deployed.  DocTract deploys to the appropriate employees depending on the SOP or Policy.  Not only are employees notified when a new SOP needs to be reviewed, but DocTract will ensure that employees acknowledge that they have read and understand the SOP or Policy.

Global Search

Find what you need when you need it.  The DocTract advanced search engine instantly looks in every document, every revision and every data point from one place.  Search results are organized and ranked according to the search criteria.  Filter your results down, to drill into a specific document or activity.

Version Control

DocTract has an advanced revision and version control engine to optimize the modification process for Policies and SOPs.  The built-in Feedback engine can provide details on why a Policy or Procedure has changed, who approved it and what changed from the previous version.

Document Relationships

Easily connect the dots between connected Policies and Procedures with the DocTract Related Document capabilities.  Document owners can directly associate Policies and Procedures to any other document, providing a full picture of a connected processes and the control environment.  Related documents can be quickly referenced to understand the global impact of any proposed change.

Electronic Signatures

DocTract provides compliant electronic signature capabilities throughout the Policy, Procedure or SOP life cycle.  Each critical step in the process has the ability to prompt for re-authentication at the time of a critical action such as submitting, approving or acknowledging acceptance.  The detailed audit log also records the specific information about the individual, the date, the time and action completed.

Automatic Document Organization and Security

End the needless folder maintenance and document location games of traditional document storage systems.  DocTract is designed to not only handle your organizational structure needs, but directly integrates your organization model into the document security.  Simply select the Business Unit, Division, Department, Team, Location or Legal entity combination that applies to the current document and DocTract will take care of the rest.

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