Information Technology

Policy Management and Contract Management for Information Technology (IT)

Information Technology is at the center of all decision points around selecting an effective system to manage Policies, Procedures and Contracts.  There are the traditionally identifiable concerns typically assigned to IT Teams like security, compliance, data protection and reliability.  In addition, IT is also an extensive producer of Policies, Procedures and Contract processes within in an organization.

DocTract is designed to meet the wide reaching needs of small and large IT teams to insure the best solution possible is delivered in the simplest, most secure and most reliable method possible.  This approach allows IT teams to put an emphasis on their own processes and deliver a high quality of internal customer service, while having confidence in the DocTract architecture and sustainability.

DocTract can assist information Technology teams in many areas, including:

  • Security Policies
  • Disaster Recovery Procedures
  • Employee On-boarding Procedures
  • End Point Security Policies
  • Contractor Agreements
  • Non-disclosure Agreements
  • Confidentiality Agreements
  • Supplier Agreements

Seven Ways DocTract Improves Information Technology

Workflow Approvals

Whether it is a new Security Policy, Installation Qualification SOP or hardware leasing agreement, DocTract can facilitate the entire approval process.  Automatic notifications are sent to an approver with details on what needs to be approved and any other relevant information.  Quickly see where the status across all approvals from a single status board.  Need chase documents again.

Data Encryption

DocTract is built on a Dedicated 100% Cloud Platform that was designed from the ground up to provide high levels of security and encryption throughout the application process.  Ranging from leveraging secure data facilities from leading cloud hosting providers to the encryption of key data at rest to the secure transmission of all application data over SSL, DocTract provides the confidence needed for a dedicated Cloud Platform.

Global Search Capabilities

DocTract provides true global search capabilities built on a dedicated search engine.  Every character of every document and every data field available in the application is indexed and available for instant search results.  Comb through thousands of documents or records at lightning speed or use an existing query to find what you need regardless of where it is stored.

Audit Reports

Quickly produce Audit Reports without back end queries or scripts.  Provide auditors the entire approval history for a single document or across all revised documents since the last audit with a dedicated report capability.  Drill down into the details for any given document to see the entire history, feedback, versions and approval workflow.

Automatic Security

DocTract applies security through dedicated configurable organizational structures that can be modified as needed for each individual organization.  Simply define or integrate the key classifications for an employee and their content is automatically controlled.  No longer worry about someone from one Department having access to another Department or users getting access to sensitive areas of the application.

Drag and Drop Migration

Avoid messy migrations through the DocTract Drag and Drop document import.  Once imported, all documents are assigned to a dedicated queue to assign key information about a document including dates, names, titles, document numbers and security.  Documents can be centrally migrated or done by individual users.

System Integration

DocTract provides out of the box integration with key processes and applications needed as part of the Policy Management, SOP Management and Contract Management.  All key operations within DocTract are built on a dedicated secure API layer that allows additional extensions to be added.  Need a new integration point, contact us and let us know.

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