Human Resources

Policy Management and Contract Management for Human Resources

As Human Resources is at the center of many compliance and contractual processes in any organization, DocTract is a key enabler to effective and efficient processes and control over key documents.  Multiple processes ranging from employee contractual on-boarding to policy and procedure attestation to Corporate policy deployments can be completed in one place with little set-up and maintenance.

The unique organizational security model within DocTract was designed with HR Teams in mind.  Providing flexibility around different classifications ranging from Business Unit / Division to Location to Legal Entity ensures that right people are viewing the rights documents without additional security overhead.  Try DocTract for free to see how easy it is to set-up and deploy.

DocTract can assist Human Resource teams in many areas, including:

  • Policy Acceptance Acknowledgement
  • Training Tracking
  • Corporate Governance Deployment
  • Policy Review and Approvals
  • Employment Agreements
  • Non-disclosure Agreements
  • Confidentiality Agreements
  • Contract Agreements

Seven Ways DocTract Improves Human Resources

Document Comparison

HR teams are constantly having to adapt to new situations and changes in an organization.  DocTract comparison capabilities can highlight if the contract in front of you has differences from the current Corporate standard.  You can even search across contracts to find any active contracts that refer to out dated or incorrect language.

Employee Compliance

DocTract greatly simplifies this task of tracking Employee Training and Compliance by automatically deploying new Polices and Procedures to the right employees and allowing them to acknowledge that they have read and understand the content.  Use the DocTract dashboard to track employee compliance for a single new document or across all documents.

Automatic Document Organization and Security

End the needless folder maintenance and document location games of traditional document storage systems.  DocTract is designed to not only handle your organizational structure needs, but directly integrates your organization model into the document security.  Simply select the Business Unit, Division, Department, Team, Location or Legal entity combination that applies to the current document and DocTract will take care of the rest.

Rapid Deployment

DocTract has been built from the ground up with a focus on simplicity and ease of use, but don’t take our word for it.  Try DocTract for free.  Have your own environment to try and work with DocTract.  The simple set-up process will help collect the base information needed to configure your environment to meet the needs of your organization.  No commitments, no credit cards, no hassles to get started today.

Contract Templates

Make sure everyone is using the right contract and right version by deploying standard contracts for all types of agreements, including Employment Contracts, NDAs. Contractor Agreements and more.  Quickly compare a completed contract to the template to be confident that critical financial terms have not been changed.

Workflow Approvals

Avoid passing paper around or endless emails.  The built-in workflow approval engine not only handles the routing and approval for you, but can also be the constant (annoying if needed) reminder to review and approve documents in the queue.  Stop focusing on chasing down approvals and let DocTract do it for you!

Version Control

Whether you are starting a new revision of a Policy or a new version of an Employee Contract, DocTract tracks and maintains the history of each document version.  Your Policies, Procedures and Contracts will create a new version each time a document is uploaded and allows the tracking of critical information, including key audit information or feedback provided.  Access the entire history of a document in one place.

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