Finance and Accounting

Policy Management and Contract Management for Finance and Accounting

Finance and Accounting teams can achieve significant benefits from DocTract Policy Management, Procedure Management and Contract Management.  Whether your need is Corporate Compliance in a private organization, Sarbanes-Oxley requirements or Board of Directors oversight, DocTract provides the process needed with the least amount of effort.

Great emphasis has been placed on minimizing user actions in order to achieve maximum efficiency.  The built-in collaboration and approval capabilities help expedite the processing of documents, while balancing required internal controls.  All of this is built on top of the most technologically advanced Policy, Procedure and Contract Management system available today.

All types of process can be improved through DocTract, including:

  • Month End Procedures
  • Revenue Recognition Policies
  • Treasury Policies
  • Accounts Payable Procedures
  • Customer Contracts
  • Service Agreements
  • Supplier Contracts
  • Contractor Contracts

Seven Ways DocTract Improves Finance and Accounting

Rapid Deployment

Be up and running with your own dedicated instance in no timeDocTract offers a free trial with no commitments and no credit cards.  Upload all of your existing policies and procedures to be ready for processing from a single drag and drop

Contract Templates

Make sure everyone is using the right contract and right version by deploying standard contracts for all types of agreements, including professional service agreements, master service agreements or change orders.  Quickly compare a completed contract to the template to be confident that critical financial terms have not been changed.

Manage Revisions

Get rid of red-line edit nightmares.  How many times have you had a document that had to be reviewed with comments and track changes becomes quickly confusing and out-of-control.  The DocTract unique approach to revisions and feedback manages the process and keeps edits under control.    Try the Free Trial to see for yourself!

Document Comparisons

Easily compare the content of policies and procedures across different revisions or versions.  Quickly review financial contracts submitted from other Departments to see if there are any differences from the standard Contract Template.

Workflow Approvals

Avoid passing paper around or endless emails.  The built-in workflow approval engine not only handles the routing and approval for you, but can be the constant (annoying if needed) reminder to review and approve documents in the queue.  Stop being the person that needs to pester an approver and let DocTract do it for you!

Renewal Reminders

Never miss a renewal or expiration again.  Whether it is a Policy that needs an annual review to stay in compliance or a critical contract that needs to be renewed before the expiration date, the dedicated renewal function in DocTract has you protected.

Audit Reports

Automatically create SOP lists for auditors, including changes and employee acknowledgements for each policy and procedure.

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