Corporate Compliance

Policy Management and Contract Management for Corporate Compliance

As Policies and Procedures are part of the lifeblood of Corporate Compliance teams, having a dedicated, purpose built solution is critical to achieving maximum efficiency in your compliance framework.  Solutions of the past have focused on storage of Policies and Procedures with some organization.  DocTract focuses on the entire document life cycle with dedicated capabilities designed to maximize results, while minimizing effort.

Tired of trying to use general document management solutions for Policy Management and SOP Management?  Stop compromising and try the solution designed specifically to handle your Policies, Procedures and SOPs.   Each step of the document life cycle has been broken down and designed in way to make the whole process more efficient and effective.  Experience the difference DocTract makes for Policies and Procedures for Corporate Compliance.

Many processes can be improved through DocTract, including:

  • SOP and Policy Creation
  • Sarbanes-Oxley Compliance
  • Annual Policy Reviews
  • Employee Attestation
  • SOP Revisions
  • Policy and SOP Audit Trails
  • Approvals
  • Related Document Impact Analysis

Seven Ways DocTract Improves Corporate Compliance

Rapid Deployment

Be up and running with your own dedicated instance in no timeDocTract offers a free trial with no commitments and no credit cards.  Upload all of your existing policies and procedures to be ready for processing from a single drag and drop.

Employee Compliance

DocTract greatly simplifies this task of tracking Employee Training and Compliance by automatically deploying new Polices and Procedures to the right employees and allowing them to acknowledge that they have read and understand the content.  Use the DocTract dashboard to track employee compliance for a single new document or across all documents.

Access Security

DocTract provides an advanced document access security model that is easy to configure for both simple and sophisticated organizational structures.  Simply set-up the department, geographical, legal entity or any other organizational structure to enforce permissions to the right documents for the right people.

Workflow Approvals

Avoid passing paper around or endless emails.  The built-in workflow approval engine not only handles the routing and approval for you, but can also be the constant (annoying if needed) reminder to review and approve documents in the queue.  Stop focusing on chasing down approvals and let DocTract do it for you!

Renewal Reminders

DocTract includes many capabilities specific to the Policy, Procedure and SOP life cycle.  This includes the ability to easily flag and notify document owners when an annual or other recurring review is coming up.  Not only will DocTract remind you about an upcoming review, but even has a dedicated process to circulate the Policy, Procedure or SOP for the actual review and approval.

Electronic Signatures

DocTract provides compliant electronic signature capabilities throughout the Policy, Procedure or SOP life cycle.  Each critical step in the process has the ability to prompt for re-authentication at the time of a critical action such as submitting, approving or acknowledging acceptance.  The detailed audit log also records the specific information about the individual, the date, the time and action completed.

Regulatory Tracking

Highly regulated environments with changing standards can rely on the DocTract regulatory tracking capabilities to gauge the impact of a change.  Policies, Procedures and SOPs can be associated with specific Regulations, allowing you to quickly determine which documents need to be reviewed when there is a change to a Standard.

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