DocTract Security

Built for the Cloud in the Cloud, DocTract incorporates many layers of security and reliability to protect your confidential information and keep you up and running.

The DocTract architecture includes infrastructure provided by Microsoft Azure in world case data centers.  Everything from physical security to data encryption is incorporated into the DocTract solution.

Physical Security

Utilizing a layered state-of-the-art physical security strategy, the data centers where DocTract is deployed contain many levels of protection both inside and outside the facilities.  Learn more about Microsoft Azure physical security

Availability and Disaster Recovery

DocTract incorporates many levels of infrastructure  high availability and disaster recovery.  Capabilities such as instant fail-over and geographically separate redundancy.


The DocTract infrastructure provider, Microsoft Azure, provides the most comprehensive list of certifications and attestations of any cloud service provider.  See all certifications.


DocTract provides encryption of your data both at rest and in-transit.  All document storage is FIPS 140-2 compliant and data communications provide up to 256 bit encryption through the https protocol.