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Template Access

Publish your Contract Templates with a simple drag and drop.  Once a template has been uploaded to the secure repository, individuals can find it multiple ways, including a simple global search or by visiting the template list.  Security and access controls are easily assigned as needed to each template to ensure the right people get the right templates.



Template notifications and alerts ensure that everyone is using the most recent template available.  Each time a new version is released, an email notification can be sent to every individual that has access to that template.  New releases can even turn on acknowledge enforcement requiring that individuals are aware of the new version.  Never have an expired template used again


System Integration

Integrate with leading systems to a seamless process from start to finish

Managing Revisions


Real Time Collaboration

Modifications to customer contracts can become very sensitive and even run the risk of jeopardizing the entire deal.  The Collaboration provided as part of the revision process helps to ensure that everyone is on the same page, by looking at the same page.  Contract parties can be looking at a Contract at the same time, highlight areas of discussion and create an itemized task list.


Revision Tracking

Modifications to Customer Contracts can be a constantly evolving process that can get confusing quickly.  Red line revisions can even go in a circle and end up where they started.  Each change, comment and question is tracked during the Review process to create an itemized action list.



Contract Linking and History


Link Contracts

DocTract has built in relationship tracking that can only be provided by a dedicated Contract Management solution.  Track and route individual contracts for collaboration and approval, while keeping the related documents associated with each other.


Review and Approval History

DocTract provides a full history and audit trail for all reviews, approvals and versions.  Authorized users can view the feedback, comments and questions provided during the  approval process, including any responses.  The built-in Global Search capabilities can even search through all history for a specific comment or phrase.

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